Insight embraces the CloudLab App for fast and early cost analysis of Azure migration

Apeldoorn, ... May 2019 – Insight Enterprises has collaborated with The CloudLab to include the CloudLab App in their Insight Cloud Journey. With the CloudLab app, service providers participating in the Insight Cloud Journey get a detailed cost analysis of the migration of their current infrastructure to Azure at a very early stage of the decision-making process and within a few days instead of weeks. The decision whether or not to migrate to Azure and how to migrate can be made much earlier and changes from a technical approach into a business approach.

Cost is prime driver for cloud migration

Martin Walker, Microsoft Data Centre Migration Program lead of Microsoft is satisfied with the collaboration between Insight and The CloudLab. “The transition from an asset-heavy business model to a public cloud business model is a fundamental change for most service providers who have been successful and profitable building their own clouds. The prime driver for hosting partners to start leveraging the cloud is a commercial one. With the CloudLab App Insight can help their partners to make this calculation between current and future costs and evaluate what the outcome will be for them. Many partners acknowledge that they need to change but the first step requires commercial validation.”

The CloudLab App

With many years of hands-on experience with Microsoft Azure, The CloudLab has developed a standardised methodology to map the unique business and cost structure of a company. With more than 50 variables for aligning all kinds of Azure and business requirements, the app provides a good insight into the costs of running workloads in Microsoft Azure compared to the current infrastructure cost levels of the company. This allows companies to make an informed decision when considering the move to Microsoft Azure.

Dik van Brummen, one of the two founders of The CloudLab is excited about the collaboration with Insight. "As a global partner, Insight is accelerating the use of the CloudLab App for us. There is enormous potential to help service providers transform to Azure with a thorough cost analysis. We are very happy with Insight to promote Azure and optimise Azure usage for service providers, based on a validated decision."

The Insight Cloud Journey

The Insight Cloud Journey is the unique cloud adoption programme from Insight that is aimed at service providers. The Cloud Journey is set up as a transformation wheel with three connected phases – Plan, Build, Manage – each with a unique set of tools, services and deliverables. Service providers can start the Cloud Journey at any stage, depending on their current cloud readiness and strategy. The CloudLab App is included in the viability study as part of the Plan Phase.

Jurjen Uijttenboogaart, Solutions Sales Specialist at Insight, believes that the CloudLab App will contribute to more focus on the business side rather than on the technical side of Azure migration. "The CloudLab App allows us to have an early, tangible and tailor-made strategic discussion with our partners to help them make informed decisions about when, what and how to migrate to Azure. And because the methodology is standardised, we can help more partners faster in less time."

About The CloudLab

The CloudLab, founded by industry veterans and serial entrepreneurs in the ASP, SaaS and Cloud business, has developed a game-changing application: The CloudLab App. The App charts clients' unique business and cost structure and allows them to incorporate relevant factors important to the reduction of their cloud usage. The outputs of the CloudLab App give solid and compelling insights about the impact of running workloads on Microsoft Azure. The CloudLab App reduces cost of sales by 80%, creates consistency in making Azure quotes and significantly increases win rates.