Insight simplifies & optimises cloud licensing

with a new service: License Consulting Services Cloud

LCS Cloud: a single point of contact for software licenses in the cloud.

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Grimbergen, May 23, 2017 - Trusted advisor, Insight, launches LCS Cloud, a new service for everything related to the cloud. The objective of this service is to inform and support companies in the selection and management of their cloud contracts, which allows for cost savings and simple maintenance of their services. Insight coordinates individual contracts and acts as a single point of contact for cloud licenses.

Migration to the cloud is a must - the question now is simply to know as a company how to organise this for a best in practice solution. How does a company make the right choices, or keep an overview of all licenses to control a budget? Companies have seen over the past few years that cloud licenses have created additional costs and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep a clear picture given the number of different providers. With LCS Cloud, Insight offers an all-in solution, based on 4 pillars: consulting, optimisation of registration, invoicing, and management.

LCS Cloud Consulting Service: Analyse and Plan

Without any prior knowledge or preparation, the first steps into the cloud universe can be quite daunting. What workloads should be placed in the cloud? How to choose the right suppliers? How can all these different licenses be reconciled? When determining a cloud strategy, profitability is of course a fundamental element. A simple "transfer" inevitably leads to unnecessary or unused purchases, as well as the waste of money. A thoughtful approach, on the other hand, makes good use of budgets.

Insight supports companies in their migration to the cloud through stakeholder analysis and business goals. Our team of experts examines the adaptability to the cloud of workloads and carries out a forward-looking cost analysis.

LCS Cloud & Suscription Optimisation Service: Licensing Optimisation

One of the most important goals of migration is the return on investment (ROI). Insight analyses the existing cloud profile of a client and provides advice based on maximum profitability. The result is an assessment and starting point for migration. The client would also receive a list of measures that allow a significant reduction in costs. In short, tips for optimising licenses, usage patterns and pricing. Insight works with all cloud vendors: Amazon AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more, individually or in a cluster where needed.

LCS Cloud Managed Service: Better control of costs

Most companies distribute their data or workloads on different platforms. Insight carries out a rigorous mapping of these assets and gives advice for optimal distribution among suppliers. As a result, companies retain control over their monthly cloud fees. This surveillance is dynamic in that it takes place on a regular basis. An alert system even announces peaks in consumption that incur additional costs.

LCS Cloud Billing Service: Centralised billing

A heterogeneous cloud environment sometimes leads to a proliferation of invoices and financial inefficiency. The Insight Cloud Billing Service condenses the administrative side of billing and manages this through a single source. The service also calculates the exact monthly consumption and recognises the costs as agreed in the single structure. You pay for your actual consumption.

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