Ken Lamneck's vision for the new Insight

Intelligent Technology is The Future of IT

Insight Announces a New Brand for a New B2B Technology Landscape

Grimbergen, Belgium, June 3 2015 – Insight Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: NSIT) unveiled a new corporate brand that embodies today’s dramatic shift from Information Technology to the intelligent technology that business leaders demand to help their business run smarter. The new brand reflects several years of purposeful change within Insight to not only address the dramatic shift in how B2B technology purchases are made, but also to effectively meet the pace of change and depth of challenges within businesses today which technology can solve.

Ken Lamneck, president and CEO of Insight Enterprises, said, “In the past, IT success has been measured by factors like network availability and server uptime. But new metrics tied to core business outcomes including growth, market share, customer experience and profitability now matter just as much if not more. Insight’s approach to intelligent technology and our new brand embody this fundamental marketplace transformation.”

New Brand Embodies Insight Values and New Market Realities

Driven by a new purpose – “To Make Meaningful Connections to Help Businesses Run Smarter,” Insight has articulated a new set of core values, “Hunger, Heart and Harmony,” which match the experience, knowledge, and skills the company delivers to clients worldwide.

“Our company has become a powerful connection between today’s leading technology brands and our clients as they work to weave technology into every element of their business,” said Amy Protexter, VP of marketing at Insight. “Intelligent technology helps our clients improve their own customers’ experience, drive business growth and achieve their business goals and nothing matters to us more than that.”

The company’s new approach to helping businesses run smarter through the application of intelligent technology is embodied in a new logo comprised of four “i’s” that are interconnected to signify the meaningful connections Insight makes with its clients, partners, and teammates. The logo mark is open at the center to signify the possibilities that technology will play as businesses transform and innovate for the future.

Insight was founded by Tim and Eric Crown, who began the company selling hard drives 27 years ago. In the intervening years, Insight has grown to a global Fortune 500 company and an industry leader in hardware, software, and the services needed to configure and implement complex technology solutions. “This new brand signifies Insight’s continued evolution and growth as a valued and trusted technology partner to our clients,” said Lamneck.