Throughout the past year organisations have invested in different technologies to support their new way of working and ensure business resilience. Now, this has become a way to accelerate digital transformation projects for the future of their organisations.

Insight's inaugural Virtual European Technology Conference aims to help organisations of all sizes understand how to take advantage of the latest technologies and solutions. We will bring together experts from ten European countries to deliver a focused agenda on current business continuity topics.

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  • Learn from industry experts what the IT landscape looks like for this year and beyond
  • Gain valuable insight into how to prepare your organisation for the new way forward
  • Access on-demand sessions available across 10 countries in 7 languages

Insight is the service partner who can help you to effect positive change in your business and support your organisation to adapt and transform.

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Technology Predictions for 2021

51 percent

of businesses will maintain flexible and work-from-home policies on a permanent basis, even after the COVID-19 crisis ends, dramatically altering tech priorities and spending plans.*

*Source: 2021 State of IT

40 percent

max. increase in cyberattacks on remote workers and devices predicted due to inadequately secured work-from-home environments, with typically under-resourced small businesses being more vulnerable*

*Source: Top 7 Cybersecurity Trends CISOs Must Watch Closely in 2021 via

59 percent

of organisations will use a Cloud-based storage infrastructure by the end of 2022*

*Source: Storage Trends in 2020 and Beyond

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Show Disclaimer: The Insight Technology Conference is specifically aimed at IT and business professionals.