BTIpower adapter - 90 Watt

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Device Type: Power adapter - external
Localisation: United Kingdom, Europe
Output Voltage: 19 V
Power Capacity: 90 Watt

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Product Description

BTI's replacement adapters for notebooks are designed to meet or exceed the OEM's original specifications. Ideal as a replacement for lost/stolen or faulty AC Power Adapters or as a spare for use whilst out of the office visiting customers.

Battery Technology, Inc. (BTI) is a global supplier of replacement batteries & AC power adapters for notebook computers; batteries for digital cameras, PDA's and other mobile devices and batteries for APC UPS systems.

As an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, BTI is able to maintain control of the assembly process and monitor the quality of the components that are used. Verifying that the lithium ion cells being used in a replacement battery pack are brand new and come from the highest quality suppliers is something that only an actual battery manufacturer, like BTI, can offer.


BTI - power adapter - 90 Watt
Device Type Power adapter - external
Localisation United Kingdom, Europe
Output Voltage 19 V
Power Capacity 90 Watt
Colour Black
Manufacturer Warranty 2-year warranty
Designed For HP Pavilion dv6648, dv6812, dv6835, dv6885, dv6915, dv6985, tx1220, tx1306, tx1308, tx2, tx2000, tx2011, tx2032, tx2050, tx2100, tx2114, tx2130, tx2506, tx2513, tx2517, tx2520, tx2522, tx2532, tx2540, tx2550, tx2570, tx2613, tx2622, tx2625, tx2627, tx2630, tx2635, tx2650, tx2670; TouchSmart tx2

Extended Specification

Colour Black
Device Type Power adapter - external
Localisation United Kingdom, Europe
Compatibility Information
Designed For HP Pavilion dv2-1000ep, dv2-1001au, dv2-1001eg, dv2-1004ax, dv2-1010ea, dv2-1010ed, dv2-1010el, dv2-1010eo, dv2-1010ep, dv2-1010ez, dv2-1010la, dv2-1020ca, dv2-1020eb, dv2-1020ed, dv2-1020ef, dv2-1020el, dv2-1020ep, dv2-1020la, dv2-1025es, dv2-1028ca, dv2-1030ea, dv2-1030ed, dv2-1030el, dv2-1030en, dv2-1030eo, dv2-1030ew, dv2-1030us, dv2-1035ea, dv2-1039wm, dv2-1040eb, dv2-1040ef, dv2-1040ew, dv2-1044ca, dv2-1050eg, dv2-1050en, dv2-1050es, dv2-1050ew, dv2-1070eg, dv2-1090eg, dv2-1090eo, dv2-1100eg, dv2-1100eo, dv2-1110br, dv2-1110ec, dv2-1110ef, dv2-1110el, dv2-1110eo, dv2-1110es, dv2-1110us, dv2-1115ea, dv2-1120br, dv2-1120ed, dv2-1120ef, dv2-1120el, dv2-1121ea, dv2-1125ea, dv2-1127ea, dv2-1130eb, dv2-1130eo, dv2-1130es, dv2-1140ed, dv2-1140eo, dv2-1160ed, dv2615nr, dv2807nr, dv2819nr, dv2915nr, dv2945se, dv6648se, dv6812nr, dv6835nr, dv6885se, dv6915nr, dv6985se, dv9730nr, tx1000us, tx1001AU, tx1005AU, tx1008AU, tx1012AU, tx1015AU, tx1103AU, tx1104AU, tx1110ca, tx1110us, tx1120us, tx1210ca, tx1220ca, tx1220us, tx1306nr, tx1308ca, tx1318ca, tx1410us, tx1417cl, tx1419nr, tx1420ca, tx1420us, tx2000ed, tx2000ep, tx2000es, tx2010eo, tx2010es, tx2011AU, tx2020eo, tx2025el, tx2032la, tx2050ea, tx2050ef, tx2050eg, tx2050ep, tx2100ep, tx2-1050eo, tx2110es, tx2110us, tx2114ca, tx2120es, tx2120us, tx2130ea, tx2130el, tx2130es, tx2140eg, tx2150ef, tx2500ea, tx2506el, tx2510ca, tx2510el, tx2510us, tx2513cl, tx2517cl, tx2520ef, tx2520es, tx2522au, tx2530ea, tx2530es, tx2532au, tx2540br, tx2540es, tx2550ea, tx2550ed, tx2550eg, tx2550ep, tx2550es, tx2550ew, tx2570ep, tx2590eo, tx2613au, tx2620es, tx2622nr, tx2625es, tx2627cl, tx2630ea, tx2630es, tx2635ea, tx2635us, tx2640es, tx2650ed, tx2650eg, tx2650ep, tx2650ew, tx2670ef, tx2690eo ¦ HP Pavilion Media Center tx1020ea, tx1030ea, tx1040ea, tx1080ea, tx1126ea, tx1127ea, tx1128ea, tx1138ea, tx1140ea, tx1150ea, tx1151ea, tx1250ea, tx1250eo, tx1340ea ¦ HP TouchSmart tx2-1050eo
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support Limited warranty - 2 years
Cables Included Power cable
Power Device
Output Voltage 19 V
Power Capacity 90 Watt

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