With maximum performance


HP® Z workstations,
available from Insight,
push the boundaries of innovation,
performance and reliability.




Built to work

HP Z workstations are built for professional applications. That means you’ll experience a fast setup and easy servicing. And powerful processing gives you maximum productivity.

Plus, all HP Z workstations are rigorously tested and certified. You can count on them for lasting power and reliability, even on the most demanding of days.

HP Z workstations
HP ZBook mobile workstations

HP ZBook mobile workstations

Get a robust performance. HP ZBook® mobile workstations offer a lightweight, compact design powered by Intel® Xeon® processors for maximum power, anywhere you choose to work.

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HP Z desktop workstations

Configure and reconfigure with confidence. HP Z desktop workstations enable you to easily scale to accommodate your needs. Choose options like Windows® 10 or Linux® and customizable storage.

Power through work with HP Z desktop workstations. They deliver the optimal combination of power, price and size. And Intel Xeon technology provides the energy to tackle even the most massive projects.

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HP Z series workstations

Harness the power.

See why HP Z desktop workstations pack more power than a PC.

With Intel Xeon processors, Error-Correcting Code (ECC) memory and room to scale.

Discover the power