Advance your IT strategy

Advance your IT with a new approach.

Modern enterprises are investing in next-generation technology, instead of wasting resources managing inefficient systems to benefit from:

  • Lower operational costs
  • A single IT operational model
  • Increased automation & virtualisation
  • Future-state IT budget reduction

Through taking a more strategic approach to workload platform alignment, we help you adapt quickly and keep up with the changing pace of business.

Find the right cloud for your business.

Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud?

  • Public Cloud

    In the public cloud, compute and storage are hosted on external servers that are managed by cloud service providers and delivered over the internet.

    Benefits include:

    • Scalability - Never run out of space
    • Cost-effectiveness - Only pay for what you need
    • Simplicity - Remote servers share the workload
  • Private Cloud

    A private cloud offers you many of the benefits of a public cloud while maintaining in-house control.

    Benefits include:

    • Ease of scalability
    • Total ownership
    • Control of risk & compliance
  • Hybrid Cloud

    Deploying a hybrid cloud gives you the benefits of both private and public clouds in one integrated solution that helps you do more, on your terms.

    • Flexibility of the public cloud
    • Security of a private cloud
    • Control over mission-critical workloads
A personally configured IT strategy

IT strategy built around your business.

With a comprehensive workload assessment, we help you make more informed decisions when migrating workloads and aligning them to your business needs. Instead of ripping and replacing your existing infrastructure, we can strategically upgrade and migrate where possible.

We determine your specific security, data storage, user access and growth requirements while considering the potential impact on finances, operations, process and people in every decision.

Insight manages a multi-platform infrastructure upgrade for Ann Summers supporting their £7m digital investment.

As part of their transformation programme, British multinational retailer, Ann Summers, required a full infrastructure audit and refresh. Managing a number of core infrastructure projects, across multiple technology platforms, we were able to help Ann Summers improve customer service levels and a more agile and responsive delivery service.

Your journey starts here.

Whether you're considering your first cloud investment or looking to optimise a dynamic, multi-platform environment, we’ll help you assess workloads, evaluate the technology landscape and enhance your overall effectiveness.

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