Transforming for the Digital World with the Insight Digital Workspace

Transforming for
the Digital World.

To move ahead, organisations need a solid foundation for success that links culture and new workplace technology to positive business.

The Insight Digital Workspace™ powered by Microsoft Office 365,  intelligently streamlines daily interactions with contextual awareness and relevant information to enhance workforce productivity.

Young woman works with the Insight Digital Workspace

Give your workforce the right tools to accomplish more.

Insight’s Digital Workspace is built on familiar tools your users know and trust from Office 365.

This solution brings together the right workplace apps, third-party cloud services and files into a personalised workspace that empowers every employee to do their best work.

Creating a seamless digital experience for multigenerational workforces

Seamless digital experiences for a multigenerational workforce.

Digital transformation creates change that affects every generation across an organisation. But the way each generation approach's change is unique.

Simple, yet powerful intelligence built into the Insight Digital Workspace™ helps multigenerational workers stay on top of daily work tasks. Seamless digital experiences and workflows ensure they can focus on what matters most.

Engaged and highly skilled workforce

Build a highly engaged and productive workforce.

Having an engaged workforce is vital in the digital world. Yet many employees feel they receive limited information and lack meaningful engagement.

Frequent and consistent communications, establishes organisation-wide trust. Insight Digital Workspace™ keeps your workforce engaged through personalised news updates, delivered to every employee, wherever they are - so that they feel part of the team.

Keep up with the technology curve

Keeping up with the technology curve to stay competitive and relevant.

Delivering cloud apps and supporting your workforce with the latest tools can fragment daily IT operations.

As an on-demand, self-updating cloud service, the Insight Digital Workspace™ future-proofs IT investment with fully managed services. This frees up IT resources giving you the freedom to focus on your business.

Keep employees informed of organisational news to build trust and transparency.

Engage staff with personalised news and content from a central point.

Contextual awareness of project teams and activities to speed up collaboration.

Device-aware and uncluttered view of the all Office 365 and third-party apps.

Delivers content related to the employee’s current activity.

Connect instantly using messaging, audio/video, conferencing, or live sharing.

Immediate work task visibility to plan, prioritise and prepare for the workday.

View, work or collaborate from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Gain valuable business, IT or user insights across lines of business.

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We help you create a fully engaged workforce, through intelligent and relevant digital experiences that enhance productivity.

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