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What Is Aruba Central?

Aruba Central is the industry’s only cloud-native command centre for all-in-one LAN, WLAN, VPN, and SD-WAN operations across remote, campus, branch, and data centre locations. Utilising AIOps, Zero Trust Security, and integrated help desk services, organisations embarking on new work from home initiatives can use Aruba Central to easily connect end-users to cloud and on-premises services for an in-office experience at home or on-the-go. 

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Key Features

  • Deliver the in-office experience to work from home end-users who need permanent or temporary access
  • High scale and flexibility for large and small remote networking requirements
  • Multiple LAN/WLAN connectivity options
  • ZTP for rapid deployment and instant configuration changes
  • Zero Trust Security framework
  • Single pane of glass for remote, branch, campus, and data centre networks
  • Enhanced resiliency with uplink options that support Ethernet and cellular

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Anywhere education: moving teaching and learning online

Extending your network to enable high capacity and equitable access

Schools and universities have started to move spring semester courses from in-person to online due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Other institutions have cancelled commencement ceremonies and called off all planned community events. Primary and secondary schools have closed across the globe, with more than half of the 50 million students in the US impacted – and the list keeps growing. These difficult but necessary measures to “flatten the curve” and slow down further infections have been extremely disruptive to students, faculty and staff alike.

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Enabling faculty and staff to work remotely.

With the need to keep social distance and self-quarantine, enabling administrators and educators to be productive from home is imperative. Aruba Remote Access Points (RAP) extend the same network and security policy to an employee’s home. Additionally, a Virtual Intranet Agent (VIA) client from Aruba provides secure remote network connectivity for laptops and mobile devices. Unlike traditional VPN software, VIA offers a zero-touch end-user experience and automatically configures wireless LAN (WLAN) settings on client devices.

Ensure secure access to confidential data.

Work-fromhome administrators and teachers will still need access to confidential information, just as they would on campus. School IT can feel confident that faculty using a RAP or VIA will have the secure connectivity they require to view or edit student or payment data.

Leverage the power of the cloud.

One key facet of cloud service delivery is the ability to have visibility and management of remote sites. As teachers and faculty focus on delivering courses and services to students, Aruba Central allows IT managers the ability to manage new (and existing) connections to the network simply and without on-site presence. When the need for these temporary installations passes, you can scale back to normal delivery.

"Rapid Response" Healthcare

Extending your capacity to handle rapidly evolving challenges

In health systems all over the world, there is what’s known as a rapid response team. When a patient’s clinical status deteriorates, the best practice is to assemble a multi-disciplinary team of medical experts to rapidly solve the problem. As the world continues to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, health organisations are quickly initiating Rapid Response plans.

Aruba can be a part of this multi-disciplinary team to help address the critical challenges facing Healthcare IT during this time. We are responding to this crisis with the same “Customer First, Customer Last” approach that has long endeared us to healthcare customers all over the world.

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We're here to help

Send your non-care workers home. Healthcare has traditionally been a worksite dependent industry, but with the need to follow social distancing and self-quarantine guidelines, enabling workers to be productive at home is now essential. Aruba Remote Access Points (RAPs) extend the same network services and security policy to an employee’s home, just as if they were in a hospital, clinic, or office.

Expanded network coverage. Many hospitals are building drive-through testing stations and rapid triage areas outside of their facilities. These environments can be challenging, but through the use of Aruba’s Zero-Touch Provisioning, a network can be installed and configured without IT being physically involved. Aruba access points can easily be made to work over cellular connections if needed.

Leverage the power of the cloud. One key facet of cloud service delivery is the ability to grow capacity as needed. This current pandemic is a great example of how this capability proves valuable. Aruba Central allows healthcare organisations to manage new (and existing) networks simply and without on-site presence. When the need for these temporary installations passes, you can simply scale back to normal delivery. 

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