Veeam Backup for AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a robust cloud platform for you to create and deploy business applications without the financial burdens and time commitments of building and maintaining your own infrastructure. However, as referenced by the AWS Shared Responsibility

Model, your applications and data remain your responsibility. NEW Veeam® Backup for AWS delivers cost-effective and secure cloud-native backup and recovery of Amazon EC2 instances. Easily recover from any cloud data loss scenario – whether due to outages, accidental deletion, malware and more – in minutes.

Data Protection with Veeam and AWS Webinar.

Find out how Veeam delivers cost-effective and secure backup both of and into AWS, providing easy recoverability from any data loss scenario.  This webinar will cover protection of EC2, VMC, on-premises workloads and Microsoft 365, including recommendations on getting the best value from AWS services.  Plus, learn how Veeam’s integration with AWS Object Lock creates indestructible immutable backups.

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AWS Backup & Recovery from Veeam

As your business begins or continues its growth in the cloud, you need a simple, cost-effective data protection strategy that grows with it. NEW Veeam Backup for AWS delivers everything you need to natively protect Amazon EC2 instances automatically, including fast recovery options and built-in cost optimisation.

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No Agents Required icon

No Agents Required

Automate native Amazon EBS snapshots for more frequent AWS backups and faster restores.

Policy-based Automation icon

Policy-based Automation

Customise Amazon EC2 backup policies and retention to reliably protect all your workloads.

Turnkey Deployment icon

Turnkey Deployment

Simple yet powerful web-based management UI that’s ready for immediate use.

Fast and Flexible Recovery icon

Fast and Flexible Recovery

Restore operations quickly with volume, instance and file-level restore options.


Low Cloud TCO icon

Low Cloud TCO

Built-in backup cost estimation delivers greater cost control and optimises protection.

Affordable Archive icon

Affordable Archive

Copy Amazon EBS snapshots to cost-effective Amazon S3 repositories for long-term retention.


Risk Reduction icon

Risk Reduction

Increase security with use of separate IAM roles, cross-region and cross-account protection.

Greater Security icon

Greater Security

Keep data safe and secure with multi-factor authentication for administrator accounts.