Unlock the power in your already made software investments and grow them into strategic business assets.

Our deployment optimisation services will bring clarity to the world of enterprise software licensing. We help you to reduce or eliminate duplicate technologies and shelf-ware whilst assessing the impact of future change, ensuring you avoid unnecessary future procurements.

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Deployment Optimisation Services at a glance

  • Clear direction

    Enterprise software licensing can be a minefield for the unprepared organisation. In 2003 the move to the virtualisation of the datacentre added significant complexity to how software was managed and licensed in an enterprise environment. More recently the proliferation of cloud has had a similar impact. At Insight we have chosen to develop deployment optimisation services designed specifically to help our clients with these challenges.

  • Strategy planning

    We actively recruit and retain top talent directly from our four focus vendors into our LCS team. Within our consultancy pool we have teammates who have worked in either commercial roles, such as Global Account Directors who understand what the vendor will and will not negotiate on; ranging to teammates who have worked in audit and SAM focused roles, who bring the knowledge and experience of how to truly understand your entitlement and the potential you retain within it. 

"Organisations can cut spending on software by as much as 30% by implementing software licence optimisation best practices"

Source: Gartner


Insight Xodus Testimonial


The end result of the LCS Corporate Service offered an equal combination of cost mitigation, confidence of compliance, and flexibility to meet the evolving needs of our business. The savings identified were far beyond our initial expectations.

Insight & Isle of Anglesey County Council

Isle of Anglesey County Council

With Insight's expertise and knowledge we were able to save nearly £140,000. By streamlining our Microsoft licensing process and redeploying existing software licenses that weren't in use, Insight ensured we were both compliant to our software providers and efficient as a local authority.


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