SPLA: Benefits


  • Competitive Pricing: SPLA pricing incorporates Software Assurance (Microsoft's new maintenance offering) in providing service providers with the most current versions of the products available in the Program for one simple monthly price.
  • Pricing Stability: SPLA price changes (if any) will only occur on an annual basis in January and will be proportional to price changes in the Microsoft Open Licensing Program during the preceding year.
  • Use Rights Protection: The Service Provider Use Rights SPUR document details all product use rights for this program. Product use rights are specific to each version and will not change for the duration of the program.
  • Cash Flow Management: With SPLA, service providers have near zero start-up costs, since they only pay for licenses based on what they used to provide services each month.
SPLA Benefits

The benefits of using Insight as your SPLA reseller

  • Your user rights will be managed through our systems, we can generate activity reports and update you on changes of the SPLA program;
  • Your Insight Account Manager can assist and advice you in comparing SPLA versus a Select or Enterprise Agreement;
  • Insight takes complete care of the contractual side.
  • If you sign SPLA indirectly through us you get exactly the same pricing than signing SPLA with Microsoft
  • We grant "terms of Payment: 30 days net after invoice date"
  • At Insight you have direct access to dedicated SPLA resources and SPLA specialists
  • We provide tools and platforms granting you easy SPLA calculations and easy SPLA monthly usage reporting
  • Our SPLA specialists provide you with consulting services to make sure that you are compliant and that you select the best price with your reporting method, no matter if it is CPU or USER usage
  • We keep you informed about latest SPLA news, latest additional SPLA products, user rights and price lists
  • Insight is checking your SPLA reports and reports your usage to Microsoft in time to make sure you are compliant
  • Your SPLA specialists supports you in generating price offerings and price comparism for your clients
  • Your SPLA specialist supports you in selecting the accurate latest available Media-CD KITs to set up your ASP- or hosting environment correctly
  • Insight provides you with the SPLA partner agreement letters and the MVL (Multi Volume License) product keys needed for the Microsoft SPLA products
  • We take care of all operational, administrational and fulfillment tasks to make sure you can concentrate on your core business - ASP - and hosting
  • At Insight you can participate in the SPLA sales-partnering program which means you use the Insight sales force to grow your SPLA business
  • We are offering onsite SPLA workshops covering SPLA usage, SPLA calculations and a lot more around SPLA