A reliable network

Whether your users are remote, on the road or in the office, Citrix® solutions deliver reliable performance, even for complex workloads.


Unify your networks and deliver an exceptional user experience with Citrix SD-WAN.


Use the data from multiple flows to fully understand all applications, users and devices.


Protect your network infrastructure by authenticating all users before they gain access.

Cloud programs

Discover the benefits of Citrix® for Service Providers

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Seamless application delivery

Improve the performance of your application and optimise your delivery. Citrix ADC ™ has a software approach, allowing you to use both hybrid and multicloud architectures. Proven load balancing and security result in better control and operation.

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Centralised management

Get application control and automation from start to finish. Now you can manage, monitor and troubleshoot your entire network infrastructure from one console. View analytics and deploy solutions quickly with Citrix Application Delivery Management ™.

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Sign in from anywhere

Citrix Gateway ™ helps you protect your employees with secure, remote, single sign-on access to your hybrid cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Your users can access any app from any device, be it in a data center or in the cloud.

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Branch networks made easy

Real-time path selection, edge routing and WAN optimisation can lower your network bandwidth costs and streamline operations. Citrix SD-WAN does it all while providing a secure environment for improving application performance. Can be used as a service or on location.

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