Complete visibility of your software estate

With Snow’s Software Asset Management, your questions are answered. It provides complete visibility over the software and cloud services your business uses.

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Tame your software assets with Snow Software Asset Management

It takes on-premises, cloud and mobile in its stride, putting you in control with a single source of truth. This empowers you to discover all assets in your environment, streamline and simplify licenses, make tangible savings and reduce risk. You get an up-to-the-minute view of what’s deployed across your organisation, with automated workflows to accelerate adoption and increase ROI.

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Multi-platform SAM

Unify the management of software assets across the corporate network with Snow Software.

Most medium and large-sized enterprises now rely on multiple computing platforms to support their business requirements, from Windows for desktop and end user computing, through to Linux and Unix for data centre operations.

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Data centre SAM

Optimise SAP, IBM & Oracle software license costs & asset availability in the data centre.

Although the data centre may represent only a small portion of the IT estate, software licensing in the data centre is typically expensive and highly complex to manage. Snow Software enables organisations to optimise their data centre software licenses from all key vendors, including SAP, IBM and Oracle.

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SAM In The Cloud

Optimise the cost and availability of cloud-based licenses.

With the majority of organisations now actively using applications based in the Cloud, SAM programs must evolve to manage these expensive assets. While it may be tempting to see Cloud licenses as ‘self-managing’, the truth is that if these investments are not monitored and scrutinised, it is easy for the organisation to either over-spend or find itself out of compliance.

SAM Downloads

Download the software asset management related resources here.

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Snow Inventory Product Sheet

Download the Snow Software Inventory Product Sheet here.

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Snow License Manager Product Sheet

Download the Snow Software License Manager Product Sheet here.

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Recognition Service Product Sheet

Download the Snow Software Recognition Service Product Sheet here.

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