The time is right to modernise your infrastructure. 

Companies across industries are adopting modern infrastructure as a fundamental part of their journey.
With many choosing hyper-converged systems as a building block, the time is right for you to consider modernisation.

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To reach the speed and efficiency that modern business demands, IT organisations require data centres that are virtualised, software defined, and automated. As the digital economy continues to accelerate, find out how you can deliver the agility your organisation needs and chart the course to modernise your data centres.

Where are you on the path to a modernised data centre?

It’s no secret that speed is more important than ever in today’s digital economy. New technologies and heightened customer expectations are accelerating the pace of business. In a digitally connected world, businesses are under more pressure to differentiate by delivering superior experiences.

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As internal and external customers require applications and services delivered faster, IT organisations are looking for innovative solutions that will continue to deliver for the long run. Hyper-converged infrastructure and intelligent operations enable these organisations to improve agility, reduce the total cost of ownership, and build a foundation that's ready for the future.

Boost Agility & Innovation

The digital economy is putting pressure on IT to deliver apps and services fast. With hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), organizations can achieve greater agility, reduce TCO, and build a future-ready foundation for whatever lies ahead.

Boost Agility & Innovation with a modernised infrastructure; Move your business forward with integrated solutions. Download this brief to find out how.

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As the digital economy gains speed, IT organisations must quickly and securely deliver services and applications on stretched budgets. The pressure is mounting, but what may seem like an insurmountable hurdle can pave the way to new levels of agility, performance, and efficiency - all with less risk, lower costs, and increased flexibility.

Faster, Leaner, Future Ready

Today, as digital transformation drives changes across every industry, IT is more crucial than ever to the success of the business. IT organisations must deliver services and applications to internal customers quickly and efficiently - without going over budget or compromising on security

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Learn more about infrastructure and how to modernise

Making micro-segmentation work for you

Read: A Software-Defined Approach to Modernise Your Infrastructure

In an era where speed and performance are critical, moving to a software-centric approach in every area of the data center is the only way to get ahead.

Now is the time to modernise the infrastructure across compute, storage, and networking - with common management across all three.

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 VMware Cloud Adoption

Read: Cloud Adoption is Accelerating; Support Digital Evolution in the Multi-Cloud Era

While the vast majority of workloads are still residing in the data centre, by 2020, 50 percent of applications running in public cloud environments will be considered mission-critical by the organisations using them.

As digital transformation gains momentum, it’s making every business initiative an IT project.

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Automating IT - What it means

To succeed in this new software-driven era, companies need to accelerate the development and the delivery of the applications that keep them competitive. This reality of the digital economy increases the pressure on IT organisations to reinvent their processes to drive faster delivery of the IT resources that empower the business.

Automate IT to gain agility

Automation helps you eliminate wait times, reduce unnecessary rework, and break through the bottlenecks that come with manual processes. It all adds up to a game-changing level of IT agility.

When you embrace an approach that fully automates the delivery and management of infrastructure and applications, including network and security operations, you are positioned to accelerate service delivery and respond faster to the needs of the business in the digital economy.

VMware gets you there today with a combination of technologies that automate and accelerate the end-to-end IT service delivery lifecycle. The combined capabilities of these natively integrated products empower your IT organisation to fully automate the delivery of secure, scalable, and high performing multi-tier applications, while maintaining control, governance, and visibility over your IT resources.


  • Digital transformation demands speed and reliability
  • IT is being held back by time consuming, manual processes
  • Automation combined with network virtualisation provide much needed agility
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Move Your Application Development Into High Gear

As digital transformation causes disruptive changes across industries, the ability to rapidly deploy applications is vital to keeping pace with the competition. Find out why more IT organisations are turning to automation to cut costs, reduce errors, standardise operations, and accelerate application delivery.

Learn how in the information brief “Top 3 Drivers for Accelerating Application Deployment with Automation”


Most IT organisations are struggling to keep pace with the rapid growth in data, applications, and business users. IT professionals are backlogged and physical networks are bogged down. Find out how IT automation can help you catch up and stay ahead in the digital economy.

How IT Automation Works

How IT Automation Works

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A Practical Guide for Automating IT

A Practical Guide for Automating IT

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