Take control in your procurement negotiations to secure the best software agreement both commercially and contractually

Our Contract Optimisation services bring clarity to the world of enterprise software procurement, helping you to secure the best agreements both commercially and contractually.

We do this by helping you to understand the real requirement of your business, aligning it to the world of enterprise software and turning this information into a strategic asset that empowers you during a procurement activity or contract renewal with a software publisher.

Contract Optimisation Services at a glance

  • Enterprise Servers

    Acquiring enterprise software can be both daunting and challenging. What is the real requirement of my business, not just now but in the future? How do I validate the deal or discount level the publisher has provided me with to assess whether it represents good value to my business?  At Insight we have chosen to develop procurement optimisation services designed specifically to help our clients with these challenges. Our knowledge and focus for this service is on four specific software publishers we routinely find our clients needing help with. These publishers are IBM, SAP, Microsoft and Oracle.

  • Expert team

    We begin each procurement optimisation project by taking the time to understand the drivers for change within your organization. We then work with you to assess the residual value, compliance and ultimately negotiation ability that exists in your already made software investments. We then conduct consulting workshops with you to understand the future business and technology plans of your organisation. Once we understand the true requirement of your business we provide scenario and cost modelling guidance and help you to validate and benchmark the proposals you receive from the publishers. We support you through the negotiation with data and strategies to enable you to secure the best agreement aligned to your unique requirement. 

"IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP require an enterprise
strategy before acquisition."

Source: Gartner


Betfair Testimonial


We knew we could drive down costs, but wanted to make sure we were making the best strategic decisions for the business. With Insight’s help we have been able to make significant savings and make further investments in technology.

Atrium Testimonial


The end result of the service offered an equal combination of cost mitigation, confidence of compliance, and flexibility to meet the evolving needs of our business. The savings identified were far beyond our initial expectations.


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Why do I need to understand my future plans when renewing an agreement today? Surely I just need to buy what I need now?

Why have you chosen to focus on IBM, SAP, Microsoft and Oracle for enterprise clients?

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