Take control of your cloud

Are your cloud usage and spend spiralling out of control? Are you overprovisioning to allow for ad hoc spikes in demand and paying for under-used resources? Is complex billing data and lack of governance impacting your budgets?

Insight’s Azure Governance Service is a structured and methodical packaged service, delivered as an onsite workshop, that brings new perspectives on two vital elements of your cloud investment – Cost Optimisation and Technical Optimisation. Our experts work with you to conduct an in-depth onsite review of how you control, use and pay for your cloud platform solution, helping you avoid overspend, and achieve maximum efficiency.

As part of our Cloud Migration Service portfolio, the Insight Azure Governance Service uses our significant experience to help guide your decisions about the proper level of automation and enforcement of corporate policy across cloud platforms.

You will benefit from:

Knowledge-based insights

Understand areas for cost and technical improvement.

Best practice alignment

Fully aligned with Azure Cloud Adoption Framework outlining the approach to improve your cloud governance strategy.

Improved outcomes

Presented on a detailed Azure Governance report.

Gain valuable insights

We come to you onsite to get a better view of how your business works and where cloud technology fits into your IT strategy. With common governance disciplines as the backbone to our investigations, we’ll work with you to examine your billing and technical data and give you clear insights into your cloud environment.

Our experts will ensure:

  • A clear picture of your cloud computing usage, cloud spend, and overprovisioning or under-use
  • Cost savings through cost optimisation
  • Increased operational efficiency and greater agility through technical optimisation

Governance disciplines

We incorporate common governance disciplines that help inform policies and align toolchains:

  • Cost optimisation
  • Security baseline
  • Identity baseline
  • Resource consistency
  • Deployment acceleration
Cost optimisation icon

Cost optimisation

Decipher complex billing data to gain a better understanding of usage of cost.

icon of technical optimisation

Technical optimisation

Identify and address potential business risks related to poorly designed Azure environments.

A proven 4-step process

Insight’s 4-step Cloud Governance service helps you get clarity over your usage and billing of your cloud platform.

  • Preparation - Our consultants learn about your high-level goals and objectives.
  • A onsite workshop - This includes live download of billing and technical data, and live pivot and analysis of the data
  • Report - Following our visit, we will provide you with a detailed written report outlining our key findings from the workshop on subscription, cost, security and identity models, resource consistency and deployment acceleration, highlighting areas for further investigation, and presenting recommendations for your Azure deployment.
  • Review - We review the written report with you remotely and process any feedback you might have and handover a final report.
Colleagues working together

Contents of the Insight Cloud Governance Service written report

Cost optimisation workshop findings

Technical optimisation workshop findings

  • Subscription set up
  • Organisational set up
  • Resource usage
  • Top areas for further investigation
  • Methodology for identifying non-optimal workloads
  • Governance and control optimisation recommendations
  • Security
  • Identity
  • Resource Consistency
  • Deployment Acceleration

Get clarity and control

Don’t let a lack of governance cause your cloud use and spend to spiral out of control. Don’t end up overprovisioning for a distant future – reap the benefits here and now with our Cloud Governance service.