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Focus on the collaboration between people instead of technology

Virtual meetings are daily costs for companies that need to bring remote teams together and support mobile workers.

However, the installation and use of traditional technology at group meetings, such as separate displays, media for teleconferencing and 'writing surfaces', can be difficult and frustrating in practice: they disrupt the meeting more often than they facilitate it.

With your Skype for Business hardware, you can make your current meeting room screen look as good as possible.

Meetings start faster

With Skype for Business meeting room systems the ways of meeting are re-invented and the strength of the group is better utilized. With one tap, you can join a Skype for Business meeting and share the content effortlessly.

Bring teams together in a way that feels completely natural, with a technology that helps streamline ideas.

The Skype for Business meeting room systems fit perfectly with the Modern Workplace and improve productivity in all areas where people work together, by combining Skype for Business with HD video quality.

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Reduce costs

Reduces your business travel costs by working together and communicating with customers and colleagues at the location where it is desirable. With Skype for Business you can meet anytime and anywhere. A device with a webcam, possibly a headset to suppress ambient noise and of course sufficient battery life, a power bank or socket. You do not need more.

Increased efficiency

The Skype for Business software ensures that everyone involved is kept informed. This increases efficiency and you can easily stay in contact with customers.

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Logitech SmartDock

Enter a meeting room and start the meeting immediately with the high-quality, user-friendly Logitech SmartDock. Transform your meeting with a rich Skype for Business collaboration experience.

The Logitech SmartDock is a simple to use solution for video conferencing rooms. The SmartDock is designed for Microsoft Skype for Business. It works perfectly with existing video displays and video cameras that are certified for Skype for Business. Start a meeting at the touch of a button.

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Logitech SmartDock
Logitech MeetUp

Logitech MeetUp

MeetUp is the best conference solution from Logitech designed for small meeting rooms and team rooms. No more clumps of people crowding around laptops.

With MeetUp, every seat is clearly visible thanks to 4K optics and a wide field of view of 120 °. The integrated audio works optimally for the acoustics of small team rooms and ensures that everyone can be heard and seen.

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Our Solution

Our experienced consultants plan, build and manage a collaboration solution around the Skype for Business meeting room solution that delivers more interactive, more efficient meetings. We integrate the devices in your network, install the necessary apps from the Microsoft Store and perform function tests.

In order to accelerate acceptance, we roll out training programs that help your teams to optimally use the Skype for Business meeting room solutions. In addition, through workshops, we support the development of customized apps and, if desired, we extend the collaboration solution to existing devices in your network.

If you also want to know what possibilities our Skype for Business meeting room solutions can offer within your organization, please contact us today.