What is the Microsoft CSP Program?

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program allows you as a cloud provider to sell Microsoft Cloud Service along with your own offerings and services. Customers are now enabled to get all IT services they need from on single cloud provider: you. You own the complete customer life-cycle through direct billing, provisioning, management, and support, which strengthens your customer relationship.


Create a customer offer, set the price, and own the billing terms


Integrate your own service offerings with Microsoft cloud services.


Stay at the centre of the Microsoft cloud customer life-cycle.

What is included in the Microsoft Cloud Platform?

Microsoft Cloud platform comes with the following products and services:

Office 365



CRM Online

Enterprise Mobility

Microsoft Cloud platform as part of CSP

Launching the CSP program, Microsoft introduces a new offering for IT Cloud solution providers to really start benefiting from current and new cloud and hosting developments. The Microsoft Cloud platform constitutes an integral part of the CSP program, as it provides service providers with a whole suite of familiar Microsoft products in the cloud as a customer offering.

In addition, providers can bundle the Microsoft services and/or integrate with their own services and thus differentiate in the market. Microsoft Cloud platform helps service and hosting providers build a custom cloud platform tailored to their own and their customers' needs.


Why CSP?

Microsoft has introduced the CSP program out of a strong belief that cloud is core. The past IT decennium has been turbulent with many productivity waves one after another, from which cloud and mobile stand out and collide in a new era of IT. A mobile-first, cloud-first work in which IT is always on and always up. Which trends are at the basis of this movement? Microsoft distinguishes four basic movements:

  • Anytime, Anyplace.

    The proliferation of apps means that people in the workforce increasingly use all kinds of different apps for productivity and collaboration. They expect these apps to be available anytime, anyplace. No delay allowed.

  • New ways of Data Management and Processing

    An explosive growth of data, both structured in systems and (still) unstructured as big data requires new ways of data management and processing. As an example: within 10 years, IDC expects that there will be 44 times more data around than we have at present.

  • Connect Devices Growth.

    Due to the consumerisation of IT the number of devices connected to the internet doubles the number of people. Devices are used for private and work purposes alike, putting pressure on compliancy and security requirements.

  • Cloud Computing.

    Cloud computing is no longer a catchy phrase, but everyday reality. Almost every organisation works with data or apps in the cloud and has embraced advantages like scalability, easy development and fast time-to-solution.

Benefits of Microsoft CSP for the IT cloud solution provider.

The CSP program allows you to expand cloud sales opportunities by selling familiar Microsoft cloud services, e.g. Office 365, along with your own offerings and services directly to your customers. You create a customer offer, set the price, and own the billing terms yourself. You own the complete customer life-cycle through direct billing, provisioning, management, and support. A third major benefit is that transforming from a project-based business model towards a managed services model is a solid way into recurring revenue, revenue predictability and successful business.

Microsoft summarises the benefit as follows:

  • You are the first point of contract for your customers' needs.
  • You own and control the billing cycle.
  • You create unique financing options.
  • You sell integrated offers and services - one sales motion to drive services, attach, and upsell.
  • You receive in-product tools to directly provision, manage, and support your customers.



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