Optimise data storage, backup and disaster recovery

Many organisations address the problem of data sprawl by simply adding more storage, encouraged by the vendor hype that storage is effectively ‘free’. In fact, maintaining redundant, obsolete or trivial data comes at a significant cost. It wastes corporate resources, hinders staff productivity, increases the costs for backup and impacts the measures you put in place for disaster recovery.

Furthermore, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires businesses to adopt new governance rules concerning the security and management of personal data for both customers and employees. As the amount of unstructured data grows, so does the complexity of complying with this requirement and the risks to your business.

We support organisations in delivering storage platforms that are affordable, available and accessible, that provide protection in the event of service interruptions or complete loss of service in the event of a disaster.

Who can benefit from optimised data storage?

This service is appropriate for any organisation, of any size, that depends on having efficient and reliable data storage for business purposes. Businesses experiencing significant growth in data volumes, who need to comply with governance regulations, or who are at risk of loss of revenue should data become unavailable, will benefit most from this service.

Why partner with Insight?

Our solutions ensure that your business data is more available, accessible and affordable when it comes to storage, backup and disaster recovery. We take a unified approach that enables you to better manage data growth, which spans both your on- and off-premise infrastructure. A flexible architecture will support your organisation’s needs for future innovation and anticipates changes in your business requirements. We also support business models that align the cost of the infrastructure to business impact and need, which enable you to pay for resources as you use them.

Our expertise in VMware, Microsoft, and other market-leading enterprise backup software and integrated appliance solutions ensures we are able to deliver a successful disaster recovery solution for your business. We have the expertise to oversee your implementation through to successful completion, introducing world-class technology partners as required.