Licensing services and solutions to help you maximise your software investment.

Bringing together our Software Asset Management, License Optimisation, Contract & Procurement Optimisation and Software Managed Services teams all under one banner to help you meet your tactical and strategic software challenges head on.

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License Consulting Services - Software Asset Management


Contract Optimisation

Take control of renewals, understand future requirements & shape your negotiation strategy.

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Software Lifecycle Services

Outsource your software lifecycle
management operations, to reduce costs
and improve business performance.

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Process Consulting

Increase process maturity, maximize control and build governance over your software lifecycle processes and operations.

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Deployment Optimisation

Reduce shelfware and maximize the value you gain from your already made software investments.

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Identify non-compliance and eliminate risk
to keep your business running

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Technology & Tools

Remove the resource and management overhead of implementing or managing SAM tools.

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Cloud Optimisation

Control costs, build governance and maximize the potential value in your public
cloud estate.

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Audit Defence

Get expert guidance, support and
advice during a software publisher

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Learning & Case Studies

Learn more about the challenges of acquiring and managing software and how to solve them.

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Who can benefit from utilising our LCS Services?

All organisations who use software starting from the medium sized corporations up to the very largest global enterprises. Oracle, IBM, SAP and Microsoft are just some of the products we can help you with.

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Why partner with Insight?

We have provided objective and vendor-independent license consulting and software asset management advice for over a decade, helping thousands of our clients to make better use of their software investments. Our LCS team includes world-class experts in licensing, software asset management and software contracts, which alongside our extensive benchmarking database, means that we are well-qualified to advise businesses on the best licensing strategies. Many of our consultants have actually joined our team directly from publishers such as Oracle, IBM, SAP & Microsoft, from both commercial and auditing roles, which gives them a unique insight into the inner workings of the publisher.

At Insight our purpose is to create meaningful connections for our clients to help their businesses run smarter. Through our LCS team we are able to offer advice, support and guidance helping you to control and manage your software costs, eliminate wastage and inefficiency and ultimately helping you to create the meaningful connection between software expenditure and maximised, realised business value.

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