Keep your team fully upskilled to ensure they are able to make more effective decisions in regards to software.

Our Licensing & SAM Training services are available for our clients to help them upskill and train their internal teams on the latest software licensing programmes and Software Asset Management competencies.

Licensing & SAM Training at a glance

  • The world of software licensing and software asset management are a constantly and rapidly evolving landscape. Software publishers release new products and services continuously and coupled with the current proliferation towards the cloud, the complexity of licensing programmes, methods of managing software and ultimately organisational liability and risk in the world of software has never been higher.

  • It is of paramount importance therefore to ensure that your internal teams are always working with the latest knowledge and information in regards to software. As such Insight offers a series of courses and knowledge transfer sessions, which can be delivered onsite or remotely in classroom style training. Our dedicated trainers are able to work with you to create a learning plan that is specific to you and your team, allowing you to maximise the investment you have made in your people.

"Software asset managers are increasingly looking to third party service providers to support their internal SAM capability"

Source: Gartner

Why partner with Insight?

We have provided objective and vendor-independent license consulting and software asset management advice for over a decade, helping thousands of our clients to make better use of their software investments. Our LCS team includes world-class experts in licensing, software asset management and software contracts, which alongside our extensive benchmarking database, means that we are well-qualified to advise businesses on the best licensing strategies. Many of our consultants have actually joined our team directly from publishers such as Oracle, IBM, SAP & Microsoft, from both commercial and auditing roles, which gives them a unique insight into the inner workings of the publisher.

At Insight our purpose is to creating meaningful connections for our clients to help their businesses run smarter. Through our LCS team we are able to offer advice, support and guidance helping you to control and manage your software costs, eliminate wastage and inefficiency and ultimately helping you to create the meaningful connection between software expenditure and maximised, realised business value.


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