Increase productivity. Improve team collaboration. Grow your business.

If your aim is to increase productivity, team collaboration and grow your company there are many obstacles to overcome.
To help you succeed as a business and hr-leader we will show you
why collaboration is important
how you can implement a culture of collaboration.
what this means for an organisation.
As we know, changes in a company need to be managed well.

For this, we have invited several influential speakers on how to overcome these obstacles of productivity.
Including our own HR evangelist Stefan Tonnon - Vice-President HR EMEA at Insight, and Wouter Torfs - CEO of retail chain Schoenen Torfs.  
This company recently was elected ‘the best employer of Belgium’ for the 10th time!

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Big things are not getting done by just one individual, but by teams and efficient collaboration. This is also the belief of Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft: “I think that any organization, in order to endure and have long-term success, needs to be grounded in a sense of purpose that is renewed every day.”

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