Client story Bridgestone education centre goes digital with Microsoft Surface Hub and Insight

Bridgestone education centre goes digital with Microsoft Surface Hub and Insight

Story Snapshot

    Bridgestone’s European Education Centre Brussels (EUEC-B) is a unique facility located in Zaventem. After thepandemic, the company decided to turn the main training room into a hybrid space, enabling workers across Europe to join either physically or remotely. Insight supplied a Microsoft Surface Hub and helped Bridgestone with implementation of the device and customised adoption services.

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One of the showpieces of Bridgestone, leader in tires and sustainable mobility, is the European Education Center in Brussels. Originally, people had to travel to Belgium for training, but after the pandemic, the company decided to digitise its facility. This includes a full-fledged studio with a Microsoft Surface Hub device for which Insight provided the implementation and adoption support.


Bridgestone’s Education Centre provides employees with training on tyre related topics (such as retreading techniques and casing inspection). For example, retreading is a manual process that extends the lifespan of a bus or truck tyre by scraping off and renewing the outer layer that provides grip for the vehicle. The technique gives tyres a second and even third life, reducing costs and also having a positive effect on the environment and sustainability.

Due to COVID-19, however, the entire training schedule came to a halt. Bridgestone realised it was time to digitise the centre and engaged Insight to provide a Microsoft Surface Hub for their new hybrid classroom.

“Insight’s support has been ‘insane’ in a positive sense. From preparation to delivery, they were thorough, responsive and punctual. With Insight, we always have access to someone who understands our questions and knows how to make the best use of the Surface Hub.” 

- Stjepan Werft, Online Training Lead at Bridgestone

Solution and Outcome

The centre in Zaventem has a well-equipped practical training floor and an upstairs room for theoretical purposes. The latter has been transformed into a hybrid classroom with live streaming features where people can participate physically or from any other location in the world. At the heart of this setup is a Microsoft Surface Hub supplied by Insight. As a service partner, Insight also provided support to ensure the best possible adoption of the new device.

During a training sessions, each participant can follow what is being drawn on the screen. The device also connects to Microsoft 365 and third-party applications, allowing Bridgestone to link their Surface Hub to the other components of their technology landscape, including a smart camera and advanced microphone system.

For Bridgestone, the Surface Hub has proven to be a versatile solution that is easy to use and also meets the company’s need for flexibility. In addition, it contributes to Bridgestone’s image as a learning technology pioneer. With education no longer being a privilege but a must, more people can now access the different training sessions. The new facilities have removed all geographical boundaries, as people from all over Europe can participate, creating an almost life-like experience for remote trainees in the hybrid classroom.

Moreover, Bridgestone now uses its hybrid meeting space not only for education on tyres, but also to support other departments. For example, to organise sales workshops, launch new products or encourage internal communication.

“We deeply believe in people interacting with people through the right technology. Insight and Microsoft share this vision.”

- Stjepan Werft, Online Training Lead at Bridgestone

Why Insight?

Insight is one of the most experienced Microsoft partners, especially when it comes to providing services around the Surface Hub. For Bridgestone, Insight supplied an end-to-end solution, from implementation to adoption.

Most companies use the Surface Hub for its remote collaboration features, but for Bridgestone these were just a bonus. The company wanted to optimise its training sessions, so Insight experts provided customised advise by outlining specific topics and scenarios that apply to the education centre.


Added Flexibility

through Surface Hub solution.

Solution strengthened

Bridgestone as a learning technology pioneer.

Faster access

to education through reduced travel distance.


departments benefit from Bridgestone’s hybrid classroom.

By Insight Editor / 7 Aug 2023