Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Transitioning to new ways of working has caused organisations to adjust their processes and methods of collaboration rapidly. This creates new security vulnerabilities that can compromise an organisation’s current financial situation and endanger its future.

In this workshop, we assess your current Microsoft 365 security posture using a Zero Trust mindset to Insight and Microsoft best practices. We provide recommendations and assist in making configuration changes.

What we do with this service:

  • Assessment of Identity & Access Management and Office 365
  • Assessment of Endpoint Management
  • Proof of Concept of Microsoft 365 E5 security components

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Azure Sentinel Workshop

As the overall threat landscape is changing, it may be time to modernise your security operations. Azure Sentinel is an intelligent platform that gives you more visibility into your organisation:

  • Collect data at cloud scale across your entire infrastructure
  • Detect previously uncovered threats and minimise false positives with analytics
  • Investigate threats with AI to hunt suspicious activities at scale
  • Respond to incidents rapidly with built-in orchestration and automation

This workshop helps you take advantage of this cutting-edge Microsoft technology to strengthen and simplify your security environment. Our consultants will provide an overview of Microsoft’s security stack and review your current security profile.

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Mini Audit 

Insight can perform a Mini Audit to evaluate the security level of your Microsoft 365 environment. After a 2-hour workshop, we share our findings and provide advice on how to improve your environment with quick-, mid- and long-term wins.

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Group of colleagues during a workshop

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