After surveying 550 senior IT decision makers, half in enterprises with 500-1,000 employees and half in enterprises with 1,000+ employees, from the UK, France, DACH, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands,  when it comes to digital transformation and investing in long-term projects, there is a growing disconnect between IT departments and the wider business.

With the Covid-19 pandemic shining a light on this disconnect, businesses must take a series of steps to ensure they  not only continue to build business resilience, but have the means to innovate to ensure digital transformation remains top of the agenda.

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“The pandemic has brought about permanent changes to the way many of us live and work. We are not going to see a return to the status quo, and it’s absolutely imperative that organisations adapt. There’s already a huge risk associated with making investments in the wrong place. But an incorrect investment at this moment in time could prove more damaging than ever before, leaving the enterprise unequipped for new ways of working and doing business. The gap between IT teams and the wider business must be closed as an urgent priority: businesses have to engage with IT on a more strategic basis, and measure it against businesses objectives.”

Emma de Sousa, President, EMEA at Insight

Find out how your organisation can bridge the gap between IT and the wider business, by reading Insight’s report: Fixing the Disconnect between IT and Business today.

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