Manage your mobile workforce with ease.

Your workforce now expect more choice at work, and mobility is at the heart of this "new normal". This is forcing companies to adopt a comprehensive, mobile-first strategy to support employees and remain competitive and productive.

Instead of spreading your resources thin between multiple third-party vendors, partner with one end-to-end provider. Our mobility services combine all of your devices into one unified endpoint management solution, giving you:

  • Simplified and reduced billing
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Improved collaboration

Plan your workforce mobility strategy

Mobile devices are tools for business productivity. Our connected workforce discovery and assessment services can help you build a mobility strategy that’s right for your business.

  • Step 1:

    Building the best mobility strategy starts with a thorough assessment of your current state and a clear understanding of your needs.

    We take the time to understand, define and outline your entire mobility solution, including architecting an operating system and enterprise mobility management infrastructure.

    We assess:

    • Mobile maturity
    • Endpoint policy
    • Business applications
    • Security and governance


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  • Step 2:

    Once we’ve determined the best plan of action, we handle the entire mobility execution from procurement to configuration.

    Integrated security and provisioning ensure security and consistency.

    We provide:

    • Hardware & software procurement
    • Staging, kitting & shipping
    • Configuration in our secure labs
    • Custom portal with single sign-on, identity & access management



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  • Step 3:

    With all of your assets in place, a full-service management plan supports devices and end users, so you can focus on growing your business.

    We cover your entire technology lifecycle, giving you the highest return on investment, and your users positive, immersive experiences.

    We services include:

    • Tiered service desk support
    • Proactive and reactive engineering services
    • Warranty and repair services
    • Asset disposition





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Mobility is mainstream.

Your connected workforce can do more from anywhere with a seamless secure mobile experience for email, apps, and web content.

Creative positive interactions by automating mobility management policies, across thousands of devices and free up value IT time to focus on vital projects.

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