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Is IT Failing the Cost Optimisation Challenge?

Failure to optimise technology is costing European enterprises an average of £2.13m a year more than they should on software licensing due to unused licenses – enough to pay the wages of 45 skilled IT specialists.

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Shifting the cost-saving mindset

Whether carried out in-house or through a trusted partner, you need a complete view of your organisation’s data to make informed, intelligent decisions. Understanding where, how and when to optimise costs will help your organisation overcome significant challenges.

Since March 2020:

51 percent icon

51% of organisations have downsized
their workforce

27 percent icon

27% have reduced their
IT team specifically

While downsizing the workforce may produce short-term savings, it risks creating long-term costs.

Recent events have created a shift in the way businesses manage their finances. Organisations are now exploring more flexible approaches to improve their cashflow and finding new ways to invest in technology and services to drive competitive advantage.

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We help businesses optimise their costs by delivering the governance, knowledge and expertise throughout the lifecycle of acquiring, managing, and renewing their IT assets.


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🗸 Reduce your TCO of software and cloud.

🗸 Optimise smarter procurement processes.

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